Amended June 19, 2017

Article I

Name and Purpose of Organization

Welcome Homeschoolers hereinafter referred to as WHS is an inclusive support group for homeschooling families on the San Francisco Peninsula. WHS creates a community whose members offer support, information and encouragement to each other and to those interested in homeschooling. WHS serves to connect members through organizing park days, field trips, and activities that foster connections between members.

Article II

Eligibility for Membership

Membership is open to local families who are currently homeschooling or interested in homeschooling and who agree to abide by the WHS Community Values statement.

Application for Membership

Application can be made by using the Membership Form available on the WHS website.  Information required on the form includes family name, number of children, and email address.  Information provided on the Membership Form is for members’ personal and WHS use only.  To protect member privacy, this information may not be reproduced or distributed to any organization or person outside of WHS, except that some or all of it may be included in the Membership Roster and posted to the members-only Welcome Homeschoolers group site. Misuse of the Membership Roster or the Membership form information will be grounds for termination from WHS.

Article III


1.    Chairperson presides over the annual meeting. The Chairperson, with input from the officers and members, sets and posts the agenda, and location of the Annual Meeting. The chairperson keeps a list of which offices are filled or vacant.

2.     Co-Chairperson: The co-chairperson will assist the chairperson, as requested.  The Co-Chairperson will take over the Chairperson’s duties if needed

3.     Treasurer: Receives and disburses the money, gives the report at the annual meeting, keeps records available for audit; balances and manages checking account.

4.     Secretary: Takes and records minutes of meetings and sends them to members.

5.     Webmaster: Is the administrator of the website. This person is responsible for revising web pages, and ensuring  that the link for membership application is operating properly.

Article IV

Nominations and Elections

In May, the Chairperson will determine if current officers wish to continue in their positions.  The Chair will email membership with a list of officers who are continuing and ask the membership for volunteers to fill any vacancies.

Membership will be notified of the slate before the Annual meeting in June, when Officers will be voted in. All positions may serve consecutive terms.  One person may serve for two offices concurrently with the exception of Chairperson and Treasurer.

Any officer who cannot complete his/her term should contact the Chair at least 30 days prior to vacating the position. The officer and Chair will seek and acting replacement who can be voted on at a special meeting or at the Annual meeting.

Article V


There will be one Annual Meeting held in June and it will be announced at least two weeks in advance.   The slate of officers will be presented and voted on at the Annual meeting and the elected officers will begin serving the new term immediately. The Chairperson may call a special meeting with 5 days notice to members.

A quorum shall be 4 members.

Article VI

Parliamentary Authority

Roberts Rules of Order Simplified and Applied shall govern meetings where they are not in conflict with the bylaws or other rules of WHS.

Article VII


Previous notice and two-thirds vote can dissolve WHS. All outstanding bills will be paid. No annual dues will be returned. All remaining money will be divided evenly between California Homeschool Network (CHN) and Homeschool Association of California (HSC).

Article VIII

Amendments of Bylaws

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be submitted via email to all members at least two weeks before a vote can be taken. Amendment(s) will be voted on at the Annual Meeting or at a special meeting.